Phone: 336-763-9322

2823 Spring Garden St.

Greensboro, NC 27403

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Welcome to The Comic Dimension!

The premiere gaming store in Greensboro, we have a wide variety of products to offer, on top of a place to play your favorite games!
We also have life sized statues of The Hulk, Deadpool and Spider-man, great people that love the games they play, over 200,000 Magic Cards, hundreds of HeroClix Singles (including chases, primes, uniques, and super rares).  We also have delicious treats, frosty beverages and over 20 different cold beers for when the competition starts to heat up!  We also have a room that people can reserve for D&D and other events as well as 1,000 of your favorite old school arcade games.
Take a virtual tour in the Store gallery and see what we offer (besides pure, unadulterated fun!), and check out our tournament schedules on our Events page. 
If you have any questions about anything please do feel free to use the information on the Contact Us page to ask.  Directions and hours are listed there as well.
Thanks for stopping by!