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Comic Books

Subscription Lists

  • 11-15 Subscriptions:  10% off new Comics & Graphic Novels

  • 16-20 Subscriptions:  15% off new Comics & Graphic Novels

  • 21+ Subscriptions:  20% off new Comics & Graphic Novels


Subscription Policy: 

  • Purchase your comics on a regular basis, usually in weekly or twice a month visits to ensure that you do not have too much of a buildup that overwhelms you.  Other arrangements can be made, but must be discussed and approved in advance with an employee of The Comic Dimension.  A Subscription service is a service that we offer free of charge.  We do NOT give reminders about your subscriptions.  We reserve the right to cancel subscriptions that have lapsed for one month without communication. Cancelled subscriptions will be shelved with the rest of the new merchandise.

  • The best way for you to ensure that you always receive the comics that you want is to have a steady amount of communication with us.  Another way is to purchase the Previews catalogue so that you can keep up with upcoming merchandise.  When beginning a subscription, it is good to be aware that the first month is usually going to pass before your subscription begins.  For example:  If you subscribe to a comic 1-2 weeks before it is released there is a good chance that you will NOT be getting that comic due to late notice.  Once you start to receive your comics though, there should be no issues.  

  • Keep us up to date with any and all telephone/address changes so that we can communicate easily with one another about your subscriptions.