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Store Gallery

It's okay if you aren't a nerd or geek!

This is the perfect place to find something for that special nerd in your life.  Figures from Dr. Who to the Harley Quinn to The Walking Dead, bottle openers, Funko Pop! Vinyls, replicas, first appearance comic books, signed comic books, Christmas ornaments, you name it!

Comic Books!

New and back issues of DC, Marvel and Indy titles!  Graphic novels, TPB's  and manga too!  Be sure to check out Chris's Corner, our Manga section and we even have a children's corner!

Board Games

We have it all, from bluffing games like Werewolf to strategy games like Catan, Cthulhu Monopoly, Phase 10, deck building games, Munchkin and over 100 games for people to play with in the store.  There is something for everyone!  Not sure what you'd like?  Swing by on board game night every Thursday night and play a few new games!


We have thousands of HeroClix singles available for sale as well as booster packs, Fast Forces, Starter Sets and Dice & Token packs.  We participate in pre-releases for new sets so be sure to check our events page!  Primes, Chases, Uniques, and Super Rares are all available.  There are also very reasonably priced common, uncommon and rare pieces for those building their first force!  We have events on a weekly basis so check us out every Saturday at 5pm!

This is where the Magic happens!

And HeroClix. And board games such as Werewolf, Bang!, Exploding Kittens, Love Letter, and much, much more.  Please see our events page to check out what we've got going on!  Outside of most tournament events, our custom made tables are open to you for whatever you'd like to play.

Our Dungeon Room!

We currently have over 15 different D&D campaigns that are hosted at our store and we even have a room devoted to this game that we love so much!  Our Dungeon room is available for standing and single reservations!  Ask us for more information and see it for yourself (yes, that's a life sized Beholder)!

Magic Cards

We have packs of Magic cards as well as over 200,000 individual singles.  If you'd like to know if we have a particular card or cards, please come by the store to check in person!  We do new releases for new sets as well as weekly tournaments, stop by and check it out!

You ain't seen nothing yet!

What you've seen on this site is only a small portion of what we have to offer.  Please do stop by whether it's just to browse or for one of our events.  We are always happy to see new faces and look forward to seeing you!